National and international long-term energy system models

IFE works with long-term energy system models at a local, national and international level, focusing on cost-optimal investments and operation to meet the future energy demand at least cost.

We mainly use the modeling framework TIMES. TIMES is a long-term optimization model of the energy system​. The modelling framework is developed since 1981 by ETSAP, a Technology Collaboration program in IEA. We use the model to analyse cost-optimal development of the energy system with various assumptions on future policies, demand projections, technology development etc.

The national model IFE-Times-Norway is developed in collaboration with the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE)​. The model is a technology-rich model divided into five geographical regions corresponding to the current electricity market spot price areas. The model provides operational and investment decisions of the whole energy system from 2018, towards 2050. The model has an option for stochastic modelling of weather-dependent power supply and heat demand

The European model IFE-TIMES-Europe is currently under development. In this model all European countries are represented by at least one node. We will use this model to understand the impact of trade of energy between Norway and Europe, and how the Norwegian energy system is influenced by the European development.

Kilde: IEA, NETP 2016


ETSAP: Energy Technology Systems Analysis Program (ETSAP) (

ASSETS: Assessment of the Value of Flexibility Services from the Norwegian Energy System (ASSETS) – IFE


EnergyWise: Integrated modelling of efficient and acceptable expansion of renewable energy in times of nature and climate crises.