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The Norwegian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Authority’s (DSA) limit for declassification of low-radioactive deposits is 10 Bq/g for 226Ra, 228Ra or 210Pb. This means that if the activity concentration is higher than 10 Bq/g for one of the nuclides mentioned above, the material is classified as low-level radioactive waste and must be treated according to the regulations det by the DSA. The limit value is in accordance with free classification limits given by the EU.

Field measurement

Identification of LRA-contaminated equipment can be done in the field. The measurements are made with a handheld monitor that is sensitive to beta or gamma radiation. If measurements are to be conducted on deposits that may contain 210Pb, a beta-sensitive probe must be used. The probes are calibrated against standards with known specific activity (Bq/g). Such standards can be made by IFE.

The measurement can either be made directly on the coating in the component, or on samples of the coating. It is appropriate that the box with the coating has approximately the same geometry as the standards.

Laboratory measurements – 24-hour service

Hand monitors used in the field measurements only measure the total activity and not the activity of each individual Ra isotope. In some cases, these measurements can only be used to determine whether it is necessary to measure the sample with more accurate methods. High-resolution gamma spectrometry is one such method and, is used in order to identify and determine the quantity of the individual nuclides.

226Ra can be determined directly or using the daughters 214Pb and 214Bi. 228Ra, on the other hand, must be determined using the daughter nuclide 228Ac. At radioactive equilibrium, the activity of 226Ra equals the activities of 214Pb and 214Bi. The same applies to 228Ra and 228Ac.

If it is urgent to have a measurement carried out for the classification of the scale, IFE can offer to report the results of the analysis within 24 hours (working days). In that case, the department must  must be notified in advance. There will be a rush fee, but the customer will be notified in advance of the total cost of the rush order.

We also offer courses in how to measure and classify Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM). More information can be found here: Radiation protection course (the courses are held in Norwegian)

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