MoZEES årsmøte 2022

Publisert: 24. oktober 2022

Photo: Holmen Fjordhotell/ Ken Pils

Delta på en av årets viktigste møteplasser for ledende aktører innen batteri- og hydrogenteknologi.

The MoZEES Annual Meeting 2022 is to take place at Holmen Fjordhotell in Asker on 1-2 November.

The meeting spans over the course of two days with an open conference on 1 November which will include plenary and parallel sessions on battery- and hydrogen technologies and systems from leading experts and industry in the field. The second day, on 2 November, will be a closed MoZEES meeting, which will be dedicated to internal discussions within the MoZEES Consortium. 

Day 1: 1 November

Our esteemed speakers include:


  • Lennie Klebanoff (Sandia National Laboratories, Livermore)Hydrogen and Fuel Cells for Maritime Applications: From Feasibility Studies to First Demonstrations
  • Sonia Yeh (Chalmers University of Technology)Modeling of future transport systems from different point of views: data, technology, behavior, and policy
  • Deborah Jones (University of Montpellier)Membrane and Catalyst Materials and Components Development for Hydrogen Technologies
  • Alexander Blömeke (RWTH Aachen University)Battery Electric Systems for Heavy Duty Transport Applications

Bios and abstracts plenary session


  • Espen Larsen-Hakkebo (Brim Explorer)Learnings from fire on board battery-powered MS Brim
  • Mathias Winther Thorsen (ECO STOR AS)Making second life energy storage safe and viable. Status and future outlook
  • Hanne F. Andersen (IFE) and Paul Inge Dahl (SINTEF) – NABLA: Battery Cell fabrication research infrastructure
  • Martin Kirkengen (Cenate) Innovative Silicon-based Anode Materials for High-capacity Li-ion Batteries 
  • Andy Naylor (Uppsala University)Probing interfacial reactions in sustainable rechargeable batteries
  • Marcus Martinsson (Stena Recycling)Industrial recycling of lithium-ion batteries
  • Halvor Høen Hval (Morrow Batteries) A sneak peek into Morrow and the technology of tomorrow
  • Johan Fridner (Hydro) – Hydro Battery Assets and Strategic Direction

Bios and abstracts Battery session


  • Eirik Byklum (Equinor)Demonstrating green hydrogen solutions for large-scale application
  • Håvard Stave (Hexagon Purus Maritime)Compressed hydrogen gas as maritime fuel
  • Svein Johnny Naley (SEAM)System Integration of Hydrogen-driven Fuel Cells for Maritime Applications
  • Kai Rune Heggland (NEL Hydrogen)The world´s first fully automated electrolyser production facility
  • Kees Van Wingerden (Vysus Group) – Hydrogen Safety for Maritime Applications – A Liquid Hydrogen Case Study
  • Katie McCay (SINTEF) Bipolar plates for PEM Fuel Cells (Title TBC)

Bios and abstracts Hydrogen Session

Day 2, 2 November

The closed MoZEES meeting, which will be dedicated to internal discussions within the MoZEES Consortium. The latest research developments in MoZEES will here be presented in plenary sessions in the morning and discussed in further detail in parallel RA-sessions in the afternoon. Please note that master students are not eligible to participate in the closed MoZEES Meetings on 2 November.


Please register for the conference using the following link: MoZEES Annual Meeting 2022 (pameldingssystem.no)

Room reservations must be done directly with the hotel: https://booking.holmenfjordhotell.no.

This is a physical meeting and the national guidelines for infection control related to Covid-19 will be complied with during the meeting.

Program Overview – 1st Announcement


If you have any questions about the registration or other practicalities, please contact Trine Løkseth (IFE) at trine.loekseth@ife.no

Queries about the scientific program can be sent to Øystein Ulleberg (IFE) at oystein.ulleberg@ife.no  or Ragnhild Hancke (IFE) at ragnhild.hancke@ife.no