IFE Geochemistry Laboratory

The geochemistry laboratory at IFE is equipped with a wide range of high-precision analytical instruments to measure stable and radiogenic isotope ratios and the composition of elements and organic compounds in geological, biological, gas and water samples. We can handle both routine and custom analyses with complex matrices as either a commercial service or partnership in research projects. Our multi-disciplinary team delivers within deadlines and client specifications analytical results and interpretation reports.

We work on a wide range of project related to exploration and production of hydrocarbons, carbon storage, monitoring pollution and fluid flow in landfills, controlling the quality of biogas and hydrogen in processing plants, refuelling stations and fingerprinting the source of contaminants. IFE’s clients and research partners include academia, other research institutes, onshore and offshore industry, government authorities and private individuals.

The IFE Geochemistry Laboratory is part of the ECCSEL, the European infrastructure for accelerating technologies of carbon capture and storage. We are also partnering in two Norwegian Research-Based Centers for Innovation (SFI) on the Subsurface Well Integrity, Plugging and Abandonment (SWIPA) and on the Rescue of Earth Materials and Waste in the Circular Economy (EarthresQue).

Engineer working in a advanced fumehood
Over-pressure fumehood with HEPA-filters for ultratrace analysis of elements.
prepFast system
ESI prepFAST system for high-capacity automatized solid phase separation of elements for isotopic ratio analysis.
ICP-MS room and samples
Another batch of samples is running.


Multi-elemental and isotope analysis system across the periodic table

Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometers (CHONS)

High-precision analytical field instruments

Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer

Optical Mineralogy and fluid inclusion lab, Hydrocarbon Core Scanner

  • Thin and polished thick section lab
  • Olympus BX-60 and BH2 for reflected/transmitted light from NIR to UV
  • Heating/cooling stage, high-resolution camera, spectroscopy detectors, image stacking software
  • Hydrocarbon core scanner