Reporting wrongdoing or concerns

Information to our partners

IFE aims to ensure there are no barriers to reporting wrongdoing, i.e., whistleblowing. The institute, our employees and partners all benefit from a healthy corporate culture and positive collaborations. We will ensure that any challenges will be addressed when they arise and will try to do this within the same level of the organisation where they arise.

It is preferable that whistleblowing takes place openly by a named person as this enables the circumstances of the matter to be properly investigated. The identity of the whistleblower will remain confidential. However, whistleblowing can be done anonymously.

Our partners can use two whistleblowing channels:

  • If you wish to use IFE’s internal whistleblowing channel, you can send an email to
  • Our external whistleblowing channel is managed by the Grette law firm, and the following email can be used:

Employees can find further details of whistleblowing on our intranet, in the Ethics portal.

Whistleblowers can also report wrongdoing to a public supervisory authority or another public authority. Whistleblowing to the media should only take place if reporting the matter internally has failed to resolve the issue or if there is reason to believe that internal whistleblowing would not be appropriate.

IFE’s Code of Conduct can be found as pdf file below.

IFE Code of Conduct