At IFE, Institute for Energy Technology, researchers from over 32 countries work for a better future. Our research reactors have built outstanding expertise for 70 years and enabled us to handle unique projects. They have led to improved nuclear safety in our neighboring countries and around the world, and are also central to the development of cancer drugs and innovative material research in Norway and internationally.
Master- and Phd-students at IFE. Photo: Espen Solli.

We participate in large, international projects, and 40 per cent of IFE’s income comes from international projects. IFE is working with the whole spectrum of energy. Our researchers contribute to the development of next generation of battery technology, lower emissions from oil and gas, zero emissions in the transport sector and better solutions for sun, wind and hydrogen. We produce and develop cancer drugs.

IFE’s workplace is characterized by a good working environment, and offers competitive wages and working conditions. We focus on competence development and are strongly committed to health, environment and safety.

We look for you who are interested in developing your skills together with our employees. You have a desire to work in an international, leading professional environment where there are great opportunities for growth and development. We are dedicated to delivering research that creates changes.

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Researcher - Energy Materials Production 

The Department for Battery Technology at IFE increasing its activity in research and development of energy materials. We collaborate closely with Norwegian and foreign industry partners as well as with internationally recognized research organizations.

Renewable energy technologies and especially the battery market, are growing fast. Both need new energy materials. Our energy materials group in the Battery Technology Department is currently producing silicon-based energy materials, directly used in new lithium-ion batteries or adjacent markets. The production of our energy materials is performed in a reactor laboratory that houses three different reactor concepts: free-space-reactor (FSR), fluidized-bed-reactor (FBR) and centrifuge chemical-vapor deposition (C-CVD) reactor.  The produces high purity silicon-based materials both in nanoparticles and bulk. The infrastructure is excellent for testing out new concepts in pyrolysis (gas decomposition). IFE is also developing its own technology for production of silicon materials, especially for Li-ion batteries and other renewable energy technologies.

We are seeking a person who can strengthen this team, take part in the development of upscaled production methods and generate new projects within energy materials for batteries.

  • PhD or equivalent academic degree in physics, chemistry, materials science, process engineering or similar field
  • An experimentalist view: Ability to plan and perform experiments, analyse results, summarize and conclude
  • Background from material science, solid state physics, physical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, nanotechnology or related areas
  • Experience working with lithium-ion battery technologies is a plus
  • Publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals
  • Expertise within one or more of the following topics will be beneficial:
    • Pyrolysis (thermal gas decomposition)
    • Gas analysis by mass spectrometry, gas chromatography, and/or other methods
    • Chemical kinetics modelling
    • Experimental reactor research and development
    • Understanding of silicon materials
    • Advanced characterization of energy materials
  • Experience in project generation and management, preferably from EU- or Norwegian/Scandinavian funding system
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills in English (the department’s working language is English)
Prefered profile:
We need a motivated person who has excellent problem-solving skills and who will be an active participant and collaborator in our group. You will have the chance to gain knowledge and skills that will support and extend the opportunities we have in our research group. We pride ourselves in delivering technology needed by our partners and by society.
Application deadline:
Miljøleder har ansvar for å forvalte den del av bedriftens ledelsessystem som omhandler ytre miljø (ref ISO 14001-2015), og skal sikre at virksomhetens aktiviteter gjennomføres i tråd med eksterne og interne krav for kjemisk arbeidsmiljø og ytre miljø.
  • Bachelor eller master innen relevant fagkrets eller tillsvarende kompetanse
  • God kunnskap om relevante lover og forskrifter innen ytre miljø, fysisk arbeidsmiljø og farlige stoffer (ref Arbeidsmiljøloven, Forurensningsloven, Internkontrollforskrift m. HMS forskriftene).
  • Erfaring innen styring av miljø- og kjemi og kjennskap til miljøstandarden ISO 14001-2015 
Prefered profile:
  • Vi tror at du er en en engasjert person som liker å jobbe systematisk med miljøstyringsarbeid.
  • Du bør være analytisk, selvstendig, handlekraftig og har gode samarbeidsevner.
  • Du har god muntlig og skriftlig kommunikasjon på norsk og engelsk.
Application deadline:

Who works at IFE?

IFE's Instagram account presents the people at IFE; "humans of IFE"
IFE’s Instagram account presents the people at IFE; “humans of IFE”

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Master thesis at IFE?

Lab work at IFE

IFE has extensive collaboration with students at master level, and many departments offer guidance and access to experimental facilities at IFE for master students.

You can contact the Department Head or other contact persons with your own suggestions and ideas for a master project. Please find the appropriate contact person on our organization or contact web pages.

See some predefined master projects below and more on our Norwegian page.


Employee benefits

At IFE, we have employee benefits that will help to assure security, stimulate physical activity and contribute to a good work-life balance.

Your employee benefits:
• Collective pension scheme through the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund
• Mortgages through the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund
• Collective personnel insurance and disability pension and survivor’s pension
• Flexible working hours
• Full salary during parental leave and illness
• Extra day off in connection with Christmas and New Year
• Support for education

In addition, we can offer:
• Corporate sports team and support for fitness center
• Canteen arrangements