IFE Board

2021 – 2023 Board

  • Olav Fjell (chairman of the board)
  • Sven Ordéus, Uppsala, Sverige. VD, SVAFO
  • Jo Døhl, Faculty Director of The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science, University of Oslo
  • Katrine Trovik, Board positions and core competencies in business development, business law and management.
  • Ingvill H. Mykland, CTO for Agder Energi

IFE Deputy Representatives 2021-2023

  • Josefine Selj (ansattrepresentant Kjeller)
  • Mario Hoffmann (ansattrepresentant Halden)
  • Terje Lyseng (vara ansattrepresentant Kjeller)
  • Terje Johansen (vara ansattrepresentant Halden)

IFE Strategies

IFE strategic plan 2023-2028 (pdf)

IFEs Stategic Plan 2023-2028

IFE Sustainability Strategy

IFE annual reports

IFE annual report 2022

IFE annual report 2021

IFE annual report 2020

IFE annual report 2019

IFE Ethics, Sustainability and Policies

Sustainability report 2022

IFE Human Rights Policy

IFE Code of Conduct

IFE General terms and conditions for purchase of services

IFE General Terms and Conditions for Purchase of Equipment, Goods and Appurten

IFE Gender Equality Plan