WIEW – Welding, Instruments, Engineering, Workshop

WIEW covers electron beam welding and mechanical workshops, mechatronics and SensorLab; highly specialized units that work closely together to solve complex challenges.

This unique competence originated in Norway’s leading research in the field of nuclear technology. IFE has operated nuclear research reactors both at Kjeller and Halden and have established comprehensive competence within the field. In addition to nuclear facilities all over the World, IFE’s department, WIEW, works with customers within industries such as petroleum and aviation.

  • Electron beam welding and mechanical engineering workshops at Kjeller handle design, construction and machinery, TIG welding and  EB welding on materials such as steel, titanium, aluminium and nickel alloys.
  • The Mechatronics Engineering Group, also at Kjeller, have extensive competence within development and construction of instruments, electronics, measurement techniques and programming in LabVIEW. The group specializes in assembling complete systems for guidance, control and data collection.
  • SensorLab are located in Halden and run a wide range of machinery and testing facilities. SensorLab handle design, construction and production of equipment and instruments.

Some examples of what WIEW can offer

Products that can withstand extreme strain
Product development and welding make up the main part of the assignments at the welding workshop. A good example of what is possible at the more heavy-end of the scale is the large multiphase metering equipment made for customers in the petroleum industry. The multiphase meters measure the amount of oil, gas and water simultaneously transported through pipes  between separate installations.

Robust solutions for handling data streams from the IFE solar park.
One project where the mechatronic engineering group have been involved is the IFE solar park. The engineering group has built the infrastructure for outdoor performance  and reliability testing of solar cell modules.  The mechatronic competence within data exchange and data handling in LabVIEW and  databases have contributed to robust solutions for handling data streams from the solar park.

Renewable energy – from design to complete components
WIEW is currently taking part in the whole process , from developing designs all the way through to completed components for a renewable hydro-energy facility.

Products for the future
For decades SensorLab has designed, developed and produced advanced testing rigs for the research reactor in Halden. The unit has developed robust LVDT-based instruments that can handle temperatures from -200 up to 700°C, and can tolerate pressure up to 275 bar.

Robotics and automations require complex components and equipment that can be manufactured by WIEW. For example during decommissioning of nuclear facilities that can only be accessed by robots. SensorLab’s products have a wide range of uses and delivering complete solutions will be a growing part of SensorLab’s work.

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