Integrated solar power in Nordic markets

In recent years the price of solar cells has fallen so dramatically that more and more people are now looking to invest in solar panels. These can be installed either as free-standing structures on roofs or as integrated components of construction modules such as roof slates or facade panels.

Integrated solar power are solar panels that are combined and put together with constructions that already have an additional function, like a building, road, sports arena etc. Integrated solar thus represents an additional value of the construction and will, in many cases, replace a construction component that can be alleviated. Typical construction components that can be replaced by solar components are roofing, wall claddings, railings and windshields, sun and rain screens etc. 

Hybridized solar power are combined systems of solar and other energy production technologies or storage that are put together to harmonize energy production profiles on both small and large scales. Hybridization is expected by many to be one of the important keys to solving the expected challenges associated with the rapidly increasing phasing in of intermittent power like solar and wind. 

Precise forecasts of when to expect solar power production on both short, medium and long terms are key to market adaption. To support and aid for more Nordic solar power installations, IFE is working on developing better data, tools, and analyses for evaluating and predicting the Nordic solar resources. Developing better solar power predictability tools enables more renewable solar power to be deployed, decreasing the need for fossil energy production and allowing for a greener power system.   

Example of on-going projects: 



Solar Farm 

Smart Nærstrøm 

Kiwi Dalgård

Susoltech FME – The Norwegian Research Centre for Sustainable Solar Cell Technology