Control Room and Interaction Design

Our Vision is to ensure high performance operation of safety-critical, digital control environments by designing products and solutions that are truly aligned with human cognitive capabilities. We design research-oriented, innovative physical environments, graphics and interaction solutions supporting operator perception, problem-solving, decision-making and intervention.

Our department comprises highly experienced researchers and engineers with core competence within

  • Interaction design
  • Industrial guidelines & standards
  • Nuclear process control
  • Simulator & programming
  • Psychology

We have an applied research focus covering

  • Control environments
    • Design & prototyping of user-friendly, functional operating environments
    • Human Factors analyses
    • Conceptual & detailed design
    • Remote operation
  • Information graphics & Interaction
    • Design & prototyping of innovative, user-centred information graphics and interaction solutions
    • Based on perceptual psychology
    • Conceptual & detailed design
  • Research simulator studies
    • Research simulator maintenance & readiness
    • Design of complex test scenarios in advanced human performance studies
    • Expert evaluation of human performance

We approach challenges in a product-centered way through:

i) design practice and technology insights
ii) scientific studies
iii) small – and large scale design exploration.

Our competence and deliverables are relevant across several domains, such as e.g., the Nuclear industry, Oil & Gas, Air Traffic Control, Rail, Maritime operations and Renewable Energy.


+47 416 04 120

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