Simulator Training Evaluation and Monitoring System (STEAMS)

Publisert: 11. February 2019

Using TEAMS to support post-scenario self-assessment


STEAMS is applicable to simulator-based training in nuclear, petroleum, power and other industries. STEAMS supports tasks such as

  • post-scenario debriefing
  • performance assessments and qualification exams
  • learning from recorded best-practise operations
  • document compliancy during scenario-based simulator testing

Key features

During playback, STEAMS presents

  • audio from selected devices, with individual audio control
  • video from selected cameras
  • images captured from selected plant process computer screens or operator control screens
  • searchable lists of operator actions, plant alarm & event responses, and instructor-initiated malfunctions
  • trend plots of searchable plant process parameter values

The user can play & pause, and easily select any specific time from a recorded scenario by dragging a slider, selecting from searchable lists of events, or clicking on trend plots. STEAMS immediately synchronizes all data sources to the selected time and is ready to play.

Performance evaluation

SCORE is a complementary software product to STEAMS, featuring structured and consistent evaluation of operating crew performance. SCORE supports instructors and evaluators in preparing schemas and in using these to evaluate operator and crew performance. SCORE can also be used by operators for post-scenario self assessments.


We installed STEAMS and connected it to customers’ simulators at

  • Comanche Peak nuclear power plant’s training simulator (Luminant)
  • Donald C Cook nuclear power plant’s training centre (Indiana Michigan Power Company)

STEAMS is based on well-proven prototypes used by IFE’s researchers to assess operating crew performance in HAMMLAB studies since 2011.

Together with Exitech Corporation, we connect STEAMS to your simulator and help configure STEAMS for your simulator tags.