LIQUID-H “Hydrogen Liquefaction with Caloric Materials”

KSP-2020 – competence-building project with industry; project number 336403.

Timeframe is 2023 – 2027

Christoph Frommen

LIQUID-H is a competence-building project that is jointly funded by industry (20%) and the Research Council of Norway (80%). It is coordinated by IFE and is supported by the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and Universidad de Sevilla (USE) as international R&D partners. Cash-financing is realized through the Norwegian industry partners A/S Norske Shell, Greenstat, Teco 20230, HYDS.


The conventional hydrogen liquefaction process employed by industry is energy intensive (>10 kWh/kg) and economically feasible only at large scale (> 50 ton/day). Magnetocaloric hydrogen liquefaction (MCHL) is an alternative process which promises significant reduction in energy consumption and capital investment already for small-scale production volumes (<1 to-5 ton/day).

Project goals:

  • Develop novel chemical compounds with >50% reduced content of critical raw materials (rare-earth).
  • Build competence and know-how in the area of magnetocaloric hydrogen liquefaction.
  • Provide concepts for the active magnetic regenerator and superconducting magnet subsystems.

The HYLICAL project will contribute to developing energy-efficient technologies for the production and use of liquid hydrogen (LH2) in Norway as well as export of hydrogen and hydrogen technology, fully in line with the Norwegian Government’s hydrogen strategy. This competence-building project will be an important first step towards establishing MCHL as an energy-efficient technology (target: 6-7 kWh/kgH2) for hydrogen liquefaction and for enabling zero boil-off during transport and storage of liquid hydrogen.