LIQUID-H “Hydrogen Liquefaction with Caloric Materials”

KSP-2020 – competence-building project with industry; project number 336403.

Timeframe is 2023 – 2027

Christoph Frommen

LIQUID-H is a competence-building project that is jointly funded by industry (20%) and the Research Council of Norway (80%). It is coordinated by IFE and is supported by the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and Universidad de Sevilla (USE) as international R&D partners. Cash-financing is realized through the Norwegian industry partners A/S Norske Shell, Greenstat, Teco 20230, HYDS.


The conventional hydrogen liquefaction process employed by industry is energy intensive (>10 kWh/kg) and economically feasible only at large scale (> 50 ton/day). Magnetocaloric hydrogen liquefaction (MCHL) is an alternative process which promises significant reduction in energy consumption and capital investment already for small-scale production volumes (<1 to-5 ton/day).

Project goals:

  • Develop novel chemical compounds with >50% reduced content of critical raw materials (rare-earth).
  • Build competence and know-how in the area of magnetocaloric hydrogen liquefaction.
  • Provide concepts for the active magnetic regenerator and superconducting magnet subsystems.