Envisol – Considering the Environment and Nature when Building and Operating Ground Mounted Solar Power Plants in Norway

Ground mounted PV is an important contributor to reducing GHG emissions but require large areas and might lead to loss of nature. Envisol aims to understand and mitigate this loss of nature.

Timeframe is 2023 – 2027

Budget is 14.5 MNOK

Financing through Research Council of Norway

Torunn Kjeldstad
Research Manager


Statnett estimates that solar power will generate 15 TWh/yr in 2050. A significant portion of this will be ground mounted that inevitably will lead to a change of the area in the power plant. Envisol will seek to understand how ground mounted solar power influence the nature within and around it. We aim to reach a level of knowledge  where we can suggest some ways that nature inclusive ground mounted PV can be built and operated. The project will also investigate sources of conflict when assessing potential areas for ground mounted PV, with the goal of avoiding or reducing conflict.


Field work, microclimatic measurements, modelling microclimate, measurements of pollinator activity, surveys about conflicts, GIS tools.

Project timeline and completion

Through field work before, during and after the construction of PV plants, Envisol will aim to understand how different setups and mounting strategies influence the nature around the plant. Modelling the microclimate inside the plants, and analysing the O&M strategies in the plants will inform how the design and operation of PV plants can be adapted to be more nature inclusive. Additionally, the project will seek to understand which aspects of a PV project that causes conflict through discussions and surveys centered around GIS tools.


If successful, Envisol will make the Norwegian PV industry more equipped at building nature inclusive PV parks, and will understand how we can avoid or reduce conflict related to ground mounted PV plants.

Partners and external resources

NINA, NIBIO, NMBU, NVE, Solenergiklyngen, Naturvernforbundet, Den Norske Turistforening, Fred Olsen Renewables, Solgrid, Innlandet Fornybar, COWI, Norconsult, Multiconsult