In 2020 the bigscale initiative AI Week will be arranged for the first time

Publisert: 11. December 2019

Foto: Mari Kristine Buckholm, Smart Innovation Norway

The goal is to create a conference week second to none in Norway’s AI epicentre, Halden.  AI Week is a collaborative project. The Department of Energy Technology (IFE), Halden municipality, eSmart Systems and Smart Innovation Norway want to show the amazing Artificial intelligence environment present in Halden and Norway. The initiative started with a common idea of arranging a conference about artificial intelligence (AI). The idea has evolved. Now it shall  be a grand technology feast consisting of several different events with artificial intelligence as the red thread and sustainability as the green thread.

In Halden work  with artificial intelligence started as early as in the 80s. A comprehensive international experience is achieved from many years related to research, development and commercial product development based on artificial intelligence, says Project manager for AI Week, Martine Bjørnstad.

Gather the AI national team

AI week is an important part of our common goal of gathering a Norwegian AI national team. It gives us a regular meeting point for applied artificial intelligence. Norwegian actors meet international environments. The conference week is hosted by several organisations with long time experience within the subject, says one of the initiators and research director at IFE, Dr. Tomas Nordlander.

The date is set to 15th-17th of September 2020. During these three days activities will take place for everyone, regardless of age and level of knowledge on the subject.

This should be something for the sharpest academician from India to Canada and down to preschooler level. We are going to arrange a main conference in the “Brygga kultursal”, with big names as presenters, but also want to bring in elements such as coding and training activities for school children, says Thor Mosaker, Managing director of Smart Innovation Norway.

AI technology in use

The goal of AI Week is to create an arena for bringing Norwegian and international artificial intelligence together, while also bringing out the outstanding artificial intelligence expertise in Halden and Norway.

Most of all, we want to present the practical use of this groundbreaking technology, says CEO of eSmart Systems, Knut H. H. Johansen.

Recently, a brand new applied artificial intelligence cluster was launched, called the Cluster for Applied AI, and it is the initiators of this new cluster who also stands behind the initiative of AI Week.

 Several parallel events

In connection with the commercial conference,  several parallel activities will be held in Halden.  Among others the University of Østfold and IFE plan an academic conference on the same theme; Applied Artificial intelligence.

We have a great deal of brilliant people from the world of technology who are working to put the program in place these days.  All the partners contribute with important skills to make the event meaningful to anyone who wants to learn more about AI, says project manager Bjørnstad.

She hopes that Halden citizens will embrace the initiative, both in terms of participation and to show off the city, country and competence found here.

We can promise that a lot of exciting things will happen during these days, both of fascinating research and of cultural nature — without revealing too much, concludes Bjørnstad and smiles.


For more information, contact:

Martine Bjørnstad, project manager AI Week

Tomas Nordlander, forskningsdirektør IFE

Knut H. H. Johansen, managing director eSmart Systems

Jens-Petter Berget, head of Community Development department in Halden municipality

Thor Mosaker, Managing director Smart Innovation Norway