New cluster of artificial intelligence

Publisert: 4. September 2019

A fast-growing applied AI industry cluster was launched today. The aim is to build and connect applied AI knowledge within Norway, but  the cluster include sim ilar clusters in other countries such as AI Innovation of Sweden.Today, we have 42 members comes from complementing areas such as industry, venture capital, education, research, municipality and the national associations for public and private enterprises. This initiative is great for Norway and the neighbouring countries, says Tomas Nordlander, research director for IFE Digital Systems.

The goal is to look at AI as practically as possible, and help each other get ready for the new era we’re entering – where AI is going to be an important part of our lives, emphasizes Thor Mosaker, CEO of Smart Innovation Norway, which together with eSmart Systems and IFE are the initiators of the new initiative that brings together key organizations from both the private sector, the public sector and academia.

The global technology provider, Cyviz, early supported the cluster initiative, and has contributed to the digitization and efficiency of Norwegian and foreign organizations for over 20 years with their innovative solutions in visualization, collaboration and simulation. – We have a strong expertise and when all these companies that want to work with applied AI come together, you get the opportunity to learn from the best. The idea with this cluster, as with other business clusters, is that when people come together, 1 plus 1 can quickly become 3, says Mosaker.

News article (in Norwegian): Lanserer ny klynge for kunstig intelligens.