The overall goal for this R&D project is to establish new production technologies enabling competitive process development and manufacturing for protein based pharmaceuticals, including radiopharmaceuticals.

The project has a total budget of 36 million NOK and is supported by the BIA-program at the Norwegian Research Council. BIA funds industry-oriented research and is a broad-based programme supporting high-quality R&D projects with good business and socio-economic potential. The project will be running until the end of 2021.

IFE is subtask leader for the two work packages below:

H4: Automated manufacturing / dispensing of radiopharmaceuticals (industrial research)

H6: Verification and transfer of Automated manufacturing / dispensing system for radiopharmaceuticals (experimental development)

On the hardware side, these work packages will take advantage of commercially available components (modules), supporting individual steps of the overall production process, and integrate them into an automated production process where the material flow between the different units is ensured by robotics arm(s) within a production hot-cell unit.

On the software side, these works packages will take advantage of digital technologies developed at IFE and Sintef (digital twin, process modelling, radiological simulations, etc.) for design and evaluation of the production line and process including safety evaluation and training.

The main deliverable of the sub-tasks lead by IFE is a prototype automated production unit integrating commercially available components for radiopharmaceutical production in a modular design. Based on this early general prototype, higher technology readiness level customized versions can be designed and developed that will provide capabilities for the end-users for improving and automating their existing processes, as well as establish new production process for emerging products without being constrained to non-flexible integrated solutions currently offered on the market.


Diatec Monoclonals AS

Institute for Energy Technology

Prediktor Instruments AS

Norsk Medisinsk Syklotronsenter AS

APS Robotics



Department of Physics, UIO

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