National tech stakeholders at MoZEES Battery Days

Publisert: 5. May 2022

MoZEES is a Center for environment-friendly energy with focus on battery- and hydrogen technology for heavy duty transport applications. The FME is hosted by IFE and is a collaboration between 4 research institutes (IFE, SINTEF, TØI, and FFI), 3 universities (UiO, NTNU, and USN), 6 public partners, 2 private interest organizations, and 21 commercial and industrial partners.

Many milestones in MoZEES were achieved in 2021. The year started with a successful mid-term review and ended with the submission of three PhD-theses.  We also had a record number of 20 publications in peer-reviewed international journals. This shows that our long-term research and focus on scientific work is really starting to pay off.

Our industry partners are also reaching many of their milestones, and we are very happy that research results from the Center can be applied in both battery and hydrogen related innovation activities among our industry and public user partners. Highlights from the MoZEES research and innovation activities in 2021 are provided in this report.

Download the Annual report 2021 if you are interested to learn more about our latest achievements.

Part of the event on 6 May is a course including introductory theory and several hands-on laboratory stations allowing the participants to practice the different steps of battery cell fabrication and electrochemical testing.