Successful HRP workshop at OECD NEA in Paris

Publisert: 7. March 2019

The Halden Project (HRP) is an international research project under the OECD organization Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA), in which state security organizations, national research foundations and industrial companies in 19 countries cooperate.


HRP Legacy Database – the largest single project

Within the revised Fuels & Materials (F&M) program in the Halden project, there is one project that stands out in both interest and size. In the process of revising HRP in the autumn of 2018, a ranking process was conducted among the members in order to uncover interest in the various project proposals. The project with the safeguarding and processing of data generated over decades clearly received the highest ranking. The project, HRP Legacy Database, has a preliminary budget framework of 20 million NOK for 2019 and 2020, and is thus also by far the largest single project within the Halden project.

Database technology selection

One objective is for the project to generate value beyond the safeguarding of the data in a database. Since the autumn 2018, HRP has looked at the possibility of using a new type of database technology, DataLake, for the project. Halden Board of Management (HBM) gave its consent in connection with the approval of the revised F&M program in December 2018, but at the same time it was decided that final approval for the choice of technology should be taken by HBM in April 2019.

Status of the project

At the workshop in Paris 28th February – 1st March HRP had to convince that the project and technology will provide satisfactory value. HRP has presented the status of the project, work done over the last three months related to further processing of data, and physically demonstrated DataLake technology with real data from several previous HRP projects.

The work presented at the workshop was received with great interest. Most importantly, the participants gave their full support to the planned road ahead.