Start-up of the JEEP II reactor at Kjeller is postponed

Publisert: 25. January 2019

The JEEP II research reactor at Kjeller. Photo: Jan Nossen, IFE

The corrosion was discovered in an in-service inspection of reactor components important to safety in the current planned maintenance outage. Due to the inspections the reactor is currently shut down and the fuel is unloaded from the reactor, and the heavy water, which is the coolant and moderator, is drained from the reactor.

“We have found corrosion on components that are critical for the reactor’s safety. The reactor is currently shut down and there is no risk to health, the environment or safety, says Nils Morten Huseby, CEO of IFE.”

“Safety always comes first at IFE. Reactor operations is subject to very strict requirements and regulations, and the ongoing in-service inspection is part of a long-term control program initiated by IFE,” says Huseby.

The inspection will continue until the end of January, and the final report is expected to be finalised in mid-February. Further investigations are needed to evaluate the consequences of the findings and based on the evaluations further measures will be decided and implemented. The planned start-up of the reactor on February 7 is therefore postponed until further notice.”

The Norwegian Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority has been informed. IFE will keep a close dialogue with the authorities.

The JEEP II-reactor

  • Research reactor located at Kjeller, Norway
  • In operation since 1967
  • Part of the national research infrastructure NcNeutron for fundamental research in physics and materials technology
  • Used by Norwegian and international researchers for studies in physics, materials, cancer medicine and renewable energy
  • Part of Norway’s contribution to the development and construction of the research centre European Spallation Source (ESS) in Lund, Sweden
  • In December IFE received a renewed license to operate the JEEP II for ten more years, starting January 1, 2019