RAMS is a collective term for a subject area established in the industry, especially railways. The English term is the abbreviation for:

  • Reliability is a product’s or system’s ability to perform a specific function and may be given as design reliability or operational reliability.
  • Availability is the ability of a system to be kept in a functioning state.
  • Maintainability is determined by the ease with which the product or system can be repaired or maintained.
  • Safety is the requirement not to harm people, the environment, or any other assets during a system’s life cycle.

Within railway, the subject area includes RAM and safety (RAMS) requirements for RAMS and safety management according to railway legislation.

IFE has good knowledge and experience of performing analyses according to Bane NOR’s framework for RAMS, the requirements for methodology in Regulations on common safety method for risk evaluation and assessment (the “CMS-RA regulations”), and the requirements of EN 50126 (2017) (the “RAMS standard”).