3DFloat – integrated wind turbine simulation software

3DFloat is a state of the art software developed by the Wind Energy Department at IFE for over 10 years for simulating complete offshore wind turbine operating in a realistic environment. This type of software is also called integrated simulations and is used for R&D and engineering of all offshore wind turbines.

3DFloat has been used for most offshore wind turbine concepts.

3DFloat can also be used for other structures exposed to wind and/or waves. It is for example a preferred industry tool for simulations of very long floating bridges.


  • Develop it
  • Sell it to the industry
  • Provide simulation services
  • Customize it to industry project needs. Most project has such needs.
  • Offer licensing options tailored to engineering project requirements
  • Offer cloud computing services allowing thousands of simulations running in parallel and drastic reduction of elapsed time for engineering iteration loops.  We can also facilitate automated use of man local computers  at the customers location.

State of the art integrated simulations:

  • Developed from scratch for offshore wind turbines
  • Advanced wind models
  • Advanced wind loads
  • Advanced wave kinematics
  • Advanced sea loads
  • Rotor aerodynamics
  • Advanced structures with large deformations
  • Eigen frequency analysis
  • Control systems built in or third party plug-in
  • Advanced mooring systems
  • Advanced geotechnics together with NGI
  • Robust true high order solvers
  • Extensively validated against experiments and other software
  • Used by industry
3DFloat example applications