SHARE: StakeHolder-based Analysis of REsearch for Decommissioning.

According to the projections based on likely remaining life-times of the World’s legacy nuclear fleet, the workload and budgets to be dedicated for nuclear decommissioning is going to increase even further for the next one or two decades. This trend has been recognized for some years now and, as a result, may countries and organisations have started or strengthened investment into key technologies expected to significantly reduce costs and ensure high level safety of the on-going and upcoming decommissioning projects. During this process, it has been recognised that, while there are specific issues relevant for only a few projects, manly of the key needs and related technologies addressed are similar across countries and organisations, and, on an international level, there are a lot of redundancies in the research and development programmes initiated. Hence, facilitated by international networks and working-groups, organisations and countries having a strong interest in application of new technologies for improving decommissioning projects concluded that strengthening collaboration among technology providers and end-users on an international level has the potential for providing extensive mutual benefits for all collaborating partners.

The SHARE project is a coordination and support action, financed under the H2020 programme of the European Commission and carried out by a very large international consortium, aiming at facilitating development and application of new decommissioning technologies and methods by providing better coordination among stakeholders in Europe and worldwide. Some of the specific aims of the project is to conduct a survey for understanding the global landscape of capability gaps and on-going research and development activities, as well as develop collaborative roadmaps informing and facilitating practical collaboration among members of the consortium and other stakeholders, as well as definition of future European framework programmes.


CEA Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique et aux Energies Alternatives France
EI Efficient Innovation France
ENRESA Empresa Nacional de Residuos Radiactivos Spain
EPRI Electrical Power Research Institute USA
IFE Institute for Energy Technology Norway
JRC Joint Research Centre Europe
KIT Karlsruher Institut für Technologie Germany
LEI Lithuanian Energy Institute Lithuania
NNL National Nuclear Laboratory United-Kingdom
SCK-CEN Centre d’étude de l’énergie nucléaire Belgium
SOGIN Sociéta Gestione Impianti Nucleari Italy
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Finland