Sensemaking in safetycritical situations

This is an NFR project  led by  SINTEF, with IFE  and MARINTEK as partners.
From NFR  page, ( translated ): The ability to safely handle demanding maritime operations is increasingly dependent on ICT- based control systems (e.g. control systems on the bridge, dynamic positioning, and ballasting/stability and alarm systems). Such systems play a crucial role in the handling of critical situations, by presenting safety-critical information that allows operators to make sense of the situation.

The importance of good situational awareness has consequences for how such systems are designed and introduced, for work processes, competence requirements and not least – it introduces new opportunities and challenges for better management of risk in demanding maritime operations. This is the topic of the SMACS project, studying  and improving  the technological, human and organizational capabilities needed for effective “sensemaking” in safety-critical situations.