Performance and Reliability of Ocean Suns floating photovoltaic Technology – PROSUN

Ocean Sun is developing a new technology for floating photovoltaic (FPV) power plants which can yield enhanced performance, easier transport of components and potentially lower costs of installation compared to today’s leading FPV technologies.  Ocean Sun’s proprietary concept consists of a floater, a membrane, PV modules, and mounting solution for the modules. In this project we will perform R&D required for exploiting three unique opportunities of the Ocean Sun technology. In addition the project addresses several concrete challenges with respect to operations and maintenance of the Ocean Sun FPV technology. The three opportunities are:

1. Improved yield of the FPV power plant by exploitation of direct water cooling

2. Increased packing density of PV modules on the FPV structure

3. Improved reliability through reducing the thermal strain

Hence, in this project, we will improve upon Ocean Sun’s unique and innovative FPV technology by targeting improvements in both yield, installation and operating costs, and reliability.