MoZEES: Mobility Zero Emission Energy Systems

The primary objective of MoZEES is to contribute to the development of battery and hydrogen technologies for heavy duty transport applications on road, rail and sea. Both the scientific, technical and techno-economical knowledge related to such transport systems will be strengthened and increased by the efforts made in the Center. MoZEES focuses on value chains and systems where Norway can take a future leading position, and the R&D generated will provide a foundation for developing new value chains in niche markets such as new materials for lithium-ion batteries, and for opening up new markets for hydrogen and fuel cells for the maritime sector.

MoZEES unites about 40 partners, and is a partnership between Norwegian research institutions, public agencies and user partners from private sector and industry, – the latter group including both small materials specialists and large international technology companies. The partners each represent unique skills and complementary strengths and perspectives that combined can bring forth the best zero-emission solutions for the heavy duty transport sector. MoZEES will also have a strong focus on education; at least 13 PhDs and 5 postdoctoral researchers will be funded by the Center.