Digitalization of industrial processes to achieve high levels of security and efficiency, including the use of composite data analysis and visualization technologies, is rapidly spreading. Today we are talking about digitalizing processes through a holistic perspective that integrates the capacity into so-called multiD approaches.

LiveDecom is a research project supported by the Research Council of Norway, which focuses on digitalizing the decommissioning (closure) process of nuclear facilities, and with transfer value for industrial plants within other sectors such as oil and gas. It is also expected to be of relevance for other types of projects such as upgrades and modifications of installations.

In addition to the handling of individual processes such as information and knowledge systems, digitalization also includes for example simulation-based job planning and evaluation technology combined with user-centered digital methods for project planning and project support with the building information model (BIM). BIM involves detailed and structured modeling of the installation or facility.

The project will combine project data and schedules with state-of-the-art visualization and simulation technologies to provide the user with a comprehensive overview of, for example, the status of the processes and the effects of any changes to the schedule. Unlike conventional project management tools, this system will not only simulate the impact of scheduling changes on staffing, costs, and end dates, but also include safety and risk constraints for both employees and the environment. Digitalization of the many parts of a process is made possible by use of digital twin, sensor, database, visualization and risk simulation technologies.

LiveDecom will include a software package that combines three-dimensional modeling, simulation, and advanced user interface analytics to help plan and execute industrial plant tasks. Our tools will be used to model, visualize and simulate work environments and procedures as well as risk. The primary result of the project will be a prototype software based on the integration of the LivePlan project planning tool developed by VISAVI, 3D modeling and simulation tools, and other tools from CATENDA. The project involves the following international partners: Create Technologies Limited, IUS Institute for Environmental Technology and Lighting Protection GmbH, European Research Center, WAI ltd., Bay Zoltán Nonprofit Ltd. and TÜV NORD EnSys GmbH.