Kola NPP- Modernization of data collection and visualization systems for radiation, meteorological and ecological control

The project is part of IFE’s portfolio of projects under the Norwegian Government’s Action Plan for Nuclear Safety and Security in Russia, Ukraine and other countries in Eurasia.

The project has an economic frame of 2.965 MNOK for the period 2018-2020. In addition, and as part of the Nordic cooperation program, the Finnish authority STUK will participate and co-finance the equipment supply with 100kEUR. The project  focus on the radiation situation during normal operation and emergency situations and will implement the following improvements:

  • Enhancement and extension of the existing user interface using IFE’s ProcSee User Interface Management System for visualization of the radiation situation locally at the power plant and its surroundings.
  • Upgrade of the SODAR weather radar system, which is an important data source for prediction of the radiation situation at the Kola Peninsula.
  • Upgrade of a mobile laboratory with respect to alpha / beta radiometer for control measurements and monitoring of radiation in air.
Visualization of the radiation situation – Kola NPP

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