Innovative NitrophoSphate PRocEss

This is a national project (IPN-BIA) running from 2018 to 2020.

The main process steps in Yara´s nitrophosphate process for the production of NPK fertilizer have essentially been the same since the process was invented. Despite Yara´s robustness today, this project is addressing the upcoming challenges to secure the future of the company, and those are related to two major aspects:

  1. The flexibility of the nitrophosphate process, to adapt to a phosphate rock market with a broader quality range
  2. The need to evolve towards modern technologies that respond to global sustainability principles and environmental concerns.

This project will contribute to reach these overall goals by focusing on the research and technology development for:

  • Modifying today´s process to gain flexibility towards a broader range of phosphate rock quality
  • Finding technological solutions to reduce the environmental impact of our products with regards to cadmium
  • Developing cost-effective technology for the extraction of rare earths (REEs) present in phosphate rock
  • Ideating and validating innovative concepts to produce fully water-soluble NPK fertilizers, with higher market value and lower environmental impact upon their use

Yara will partner up with IFE in this project. As a result, this project will provide both new knowledge and technological innovation of Yara´s nitrophosphate process, mainly impacting: 1) Yara´s economic robustness and environmental profile, 2) national economic and social areas, 3) the global markets of phosphate rock, fertilizers and REEs, and 4) the environment.

The goals are ambitious, as they are proportional to the large potential value creation expected in the areas of Yara´s strategic positioning, business size and robustness, new business opportunities and improved environmental profile.