HAppSec – Holistic Approach for Enhancing Cyber security Competence and Services in Air Traffic Management

Protection of critical infrastructure must consider cyber security in the perspective of people, processes, and technology. Specifically, it is required to have a sustained security culture among staff; the policies, processes, and procedures necessary to respond to cyber incidents; and the technological solutions to detect and respond to cyber incidents. In addition, the cyber security must regard the safety and operational perspective of critical infrastructure.
HAppSec project is a research driven innovation project aimed at enhancing cyber security competence and services with focus on Air Traffic Management (ATM). The project aims to develop a holistic cybersecurity approach with a triad of People-Process-Technology. The project will lead to approaches pertaining to:

  • cyber security program specific to the ATM industry risks and objectives – the process component
  • security culture and competences to sustain the effective implementation of the cyber security program – the people component
  • tailoring a cyber security solution for intrusion detection to the ATM infrastructure– the technology component.

This project is funded by Oslofjordfondet. The project consortium consists of IFE, Avinor Flysikring AS, Secure-NOK AS, Jotron AS and EUROCONTROL.