ESS/R2D2 – Test Beamline

Scientist in JEEP II reactor. (Photo: Mick Tully, 2013)

Sponsor: ESS

Start: January 2018
Duration: 2 years

The scientist at IFE funded by this agreement will be responsible for the ESS experiments at IFE. The R2D2 instrument will be the main test setup at IFE. In addition, any other neutron instrument at the JEEP II reactor at IFE could also be used in the support of research at the ESS. The use of other instruments than R2D2 has to be agreed between the visiting ESS scientists, the ESS funded scientist at IFE, the IFE instrument responsible and the IFE management. Any ESS scientist, who regularly uses the JEEP II neutron instruments should with the necessary training and safety requirements at IFE be given access to use the relevant JEEP II neutron instrument(s) by their own. The ESS funded scientist at IFE should be integrated into the overall ESS test beamline team. IFE should adopt a similar experiment program structure as the one used at the Berlin test beamline and should be operated in a similar way.

Isabel Llamas