ClayCap – CO2 Capture and Retention by Smectite Clays

Sponsor: NFR

Start: January 2016
Duration: 4 years

The present applicant group has already demonstrated the potential for use of such environmentally friendly nano-porous clays in this context, and recently we published a study that has attracted considerable interest, where the absorption for a specific type of clay is quantified.

However, the molecular mechanisms of the process, the extent of carbon capture as a function of clay charge and structure, as well as the temperature and pressure dependence, still pose open questions. These points will be addressed by performing simulations to assess the molecular interactions associated with incorporation of CO2 in the clay.

Further information will be gained by performing scattering (neutron and x-ray) investigations of clay systems as a function of pressure and temperature, complemented by macroscopic investigations. The project is an interdisciplinary and international collaboration involving materials scientists, physicists and chemists, working at universities and research institutes. Training of young researchers is at the heart of the project.

Project leader: IFE/NØYTRON


  • NTNU, Niels Bohr Institute (Denmark)
  • University of Florida (USA)