Chernobyl Decommissioning Visualisation Center – ChNPP Planner Extension & Optimization

The goal of the project is to assist Chernobyl NPP (ChNPP) in the decommissioning of the site through better planning and training by extending the CDVC using IFE's Virtual Reality (VR) technology. The project is part of the Norwegian government’s assistance for increasing the safety at nuclear sites in Russia and Ukraine according to Action Plan for Nuclear Safety and Security (Atomhandlingsplanen).

Overview of the ChNPP site

Together with ChNPP we will extend the software called Chernobyl VRdose Planner, which was adapted in the first CDVC project to ChNPP’s needs based on IFE’s VRdose Planner.

ChNPP VRdose Planner lets one visualise in a 3D view the gamma-radiation fields in the simulated environment based on measured data or data obtained as part of a comprehensive engineering and radiation survey (CERS), and to do occupational dose calculations for estimating the dose to be received by the personnel when entering the radioactively contaminated area. The visualisation of gamma-radiation fields and the dose calculation can help to minimise the personal risks and to optimise the usage of personnel. The ChNPP VRdose Planner thereby supports the principle about “as low as (is) reasonably achievable” dose (ALARA), which is an important part of a good nuclear safety culture.


The size of the project is ca. 4 MNOK of which 1,5 MNOK will be used on equipment, subcontractors and travels while 2,5 MNOK will be for IFE work.

Time schedule and plan

The time schedule is 2018-2020 and in the new project we will focus on fulfilling the following ChNPP needs:

  • Increase the number of superusers of the ChNPP VRdose Planner from 10 to ca. 25.
  • Purchase equipment for the extended number of superusers and for upgrading the equipment in the current CDVC.
  • Give old and new superusers training in the use of an extended version of ChNPP VRdose Planner, which will be made as part of the project based on ChNPP’s needs and experiences from other assistance projects done by IFE at Leningrad NPP (LNPP) and in Andreeva Bay in Russia.
  • Train ChNPP in 3D modelling using SketchUp Pro.
  • Update the user interface in ChNPP VRdose Planner and extend the software with new functionality.
  • Develop test scenarios with focus on ALARA together with ChNPP.

The current project is the first step in a plan for completing the CDVC. In 2019 we will apply the NRPA for the next step which will be improving the ChNPP VRdose Planner with features for optimal use of the input data. In 2020 we hope to get a project making it possible to do even more realistic scenarios in ChNPP VRdose Planner. And later the plan is to first implement more advanced dose calculations and get the radiation calculation module certified in Ukraine.

In addition, we plan to apply in the spring 2019 for a continuation of the LNPP VRdose Planner project at LNPP which we finished in March 2018 and we hope to also be able apply for similar project at Kola NPP.


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