CellColor – Fabricating cellulose nanocomposites for structural coloration

The aim of the project is to develop original, environmentally friendly, nano-structured surfaces and coatings with engineered optical functionality for coloration and reflection of light.

The surfaces and coatings will be fabricated from cost effective natural materials like cellulose, and will allow for environmentally friendly energy control and improved energy efficiency, thus providing innovative technology for future design or architecture, beyond the lifetime of the project.

Sponsor: EU

Start: October 1, 2017  Duration: 3 years

Project coordinator:

Partners representing the various academic and industrial areas are:
In Norway: Institute for Energy Technology (IFE), Giamag Technologies AS, Borregaard AS, and Snøhetta Oslo AS.
In Portugal: Universidade Nova de Lisboa (NOVA-ID) and Instituto Superior Técnico (IST-ID), Lisbon.

IFE does research on assignments.
Please contact:

Helgesen, Geir

Hydrogen Technology,

+47 453 93 241

Knudsen, Kenneth Dahl

Hydrogen Technology,

+47 996 92 465

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