BATMAN (Lithium ion BATteries – Norwegian opportunities within sustainable end-of-life MANagement, reuse and new material streams) is a user-driven innovation arena project (BIA) led by the Eyde cluster. The Research Council of Norway supports the project with NOK 11.75 million. This is 50 percent of the project costs. 50 per cent is financed by the companies involved in the project.

The main goal is to make it possible for Norwegian companies to take leading positions in the rapidly growing international battery market and thus contribute to competence development and increased value creation. Norwegian companies will contribute to the sustainable production of materials used in the lithium-ion battery chain (LIB) by developing a dynamic strategic tool based on material flow analysis. The recycling of materials is highly relevant when we are to follow the UN’s sustainability goals. Nickel, lithium, cobalt and carbon are key components and the Norwegian process industry produces several of the raw materials used in battery production.

The project will develop a predictive model that defines the demand for raw materials for the battery value chain and can be used as a strategic tool for the industry. The tool will, among other things, be a support for strategic decisions, and for mapping when to invest in product development and / or facilities. The project will also provide policy analysis and recommendations for national decision makers, guide them in developing regulatory frameworks and incentives that facilitate a sustainable LIB value chain. The project deals with restoration of batteries, reuse, recycling as well as new energy systems and models.

Norway has a high and increasing use of electric mobility. The market development represents a great opportunity for Norwegian companies. However, in order to take business positions, it is critical with better positions understanding of the basic factors and interaction between these – ownership models, battery chemistry, circular economy, regulations etc. The BATMAN initiative will contribute with the development of expertise that will form the basis for the further investment in this growing market.

The following are in addition to the Eyde cluster and IFE contributors in BATMAN: Norsk Hydro ASA, Elkem, Agder Energi AS, Saint Gobain Ceramic Materials AS, NTNU, University of Agder, Transport Economics Institute, EIT RawMaterials, British Geological Survey, The Federation of Norwegian Industries, The Cobalt Institute and The Nickel Institute.

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