Partnership with Evonik

Publisert: 30. August 2019

From left: IFE researchers Asbjørn Ulvestad, Carl Erik Lie Foss and Thomas Preston.

Evonik has contracted IFE for the project because of IFE’s ability to link silane pyrolysis for material production with the performance of those materials in lithium-ion batteries.

The project resulted from conversations at 2018’s Silicon for the Chemical and Solar Industry conference: Dr. Julia Lyubina, Manager of New Markets & Technologies at Evonik Resource Efficiency GmbH, presented her group’s work on making silicon particles for use in lithium-ion batteries; Guro Marie Wyller, PhD candidate working at IFE, presented her work on silane pyrolysis.

The fit between IFE and Evonik has been natural and we are happy to foster this relationship.