Key figures about IFE

600 employees from 38 different countries

1 billion in annual turnover

24 advanced laboratories

140 scientific publications

> 200 international projects

Short about IFE

We are an independent foundation and one of the world’s foremost research communities on energy, located in Halden and Kjeller. We have developed unique skills over 70 years of world-leading researchers and outstanding international projects in our reactors and laboratories.

Our research reactors have led to better nuclear safety in our neighboring countries and around the world, and are also key in leading research on energy and materials in Norway. At IFE we look into materials in new ways. We develop and produce cancer medicine. We are far ahead in the pursuit of next-generation battery technology and contribute to better solar, wind and hydrogen solutions. Offshore, we have developed low-emission petroleum technology and advanced digital solutions for management, security and communication.

The knowledge, innovation and development at IFE has created hundreds of billion NOK in values ​​for Norway and improved safety, environment and climate both at home and abroad.

When the next chapter in Norway’s story is to be written, it will be about how we convert. It has always been the great strength of IFE. We will continue to bridge the gap between research, education and industrial enterprises. We will continue to research – for a sustainable future.

IFE annual report and other documents

IFE's main tasks summarized

  • Develop profitable, safe and environmentally friendly technologies in renewable energy, petroleum extraction and CO2 handling (CCS)
  • Maintain and further develop national nuclear expertise with focus on decommissioning reactors.
  • Advanced materials research using neutron materials characterization as the main tool.
  • Safeguard and further develop the production of groundbreaking cancer medicine and other nuclear medicine.
  • Offer IFE's unique expertise in VR, AR, digitalization and nuclear safety technology to other industries and government agencies.