Battery Materials Laboratory

In the Battery Materials Laboratory at IFE, battery materials are produced via chemical vapour deposition methods. Typically, a free-space reactor is used to produce micro- or nanosized particles with the possibility of tailoring the characteristics such as composition, size, morphology and crystallinity. The materials are produced from i.e. decomposition of silane gas, and in addition the laboratory focuses on understanding the chemistry of gases and its decomposition products.

The laboratory has:

  • Test rigs for new reactors for decomposition of silane gas (Siemens, FBR, other technologies)
  • Free space reactor for production of silicon and composite particles from silane
  • Fluid bed reactor (FBR) for production of polysilicon from silane gas
  • Gas infrastructure for distribution of different gases (silane, phosphine, nitrogen, argon, hydrogen, etc.)
  • Scrubber plant for removal of toxic and hazardous gas and particles in the exhaust gas
  • Gas analysis equipment with mass spectrometry (MS) and gas chromatography mass spectroscopy (GC-MS) specialized for silane and silane derivatives
  • Visual monitoring of exhaust and particle detection
  • Remote control of all facilities from safe control room