Hastelloy loops

The two Hastelloy loops are used for high temperature and high pressure corrosion testing.


  • CO2 and H2S corrosion testing at high temperature
  • experiments with high salt concentration
  • corrosion inhibitor testing
  • testing of production chemicals


The Hastelloy loop consists of the following instrumentation:

  • potensiostat (2×8 channels) for LPR, AC impedance and sweep measurements
  • pH monitoring system
  • O2 monitoring equipment
  • computerised data aquisition system

Technical specifications

Loop material: Hastelloy C-275
Single phase: Water Pressure: max. 50 bar
Temperature range: 10-180 °C
Flowrange: 0-10 m/s
Test sections: 3
Specimens: Up to 36
ID test section: 25 mm
Volume: 75 l


Technical drawing of the Hastelloy loop