Technologies like IoT, sensor technologies, and unmanned vehicles (UVs) are contributing to overcoming the primary obstacle of acquring input data needed to enable integrated digital systems supporting operations in environments with industrial hazards.

UVs are becoming more robust and autonomous for protecting humans in environments with industrial hazards.

IFE is a key partner in collaborative national and international initiatives, where we bring in technology related to intelligent digital and robotic systems for management of hazardous sites and expertise in the application of the technology in decommissioning and other areas.

IFE’s HADRON Lab is a specialised workspace with facilities for applied research and development into robotic solutions. A variety of UVs and robotic systems are available in the lab, ranging from robotic arms and modular UV platforms to drones and highly mobile systems such as the Boston Dynamics Spot. The lab is ideally suited for hosting workshops and courses on applying these technologies.

The HADRON Lab is managed by the Applied Physical Sciences Department at IFE in Halden.