IFE streamlines and optimizes the operation of nuclear facilities in the United States

IFE is now starting a project for the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and Idaho National Laboratory (INL) to transfer and exploit our experiences in the innovation and optimizing of US nuclear power plants.

Cheap fossil energy and the deregulation of the electricity market have led many US nuclear power plants to struggle with the economy. The shutdown of reactors will result in the loss of large amounts of electricity with zero CO2 emissions.  
IFE has over the past twenty years contributed considerably to the digitization of the Norwegian oil industry, which has implied a large shift  and implementation of new and more efficient modes of operation. IFE is now commissioned for a project for the Department of Energy and Idaho National Laboratories to transfer and exploit these experiences in US nuclear power plants. Initially, three reactors in Minnesota, the United States, which will benefit from IFE’s experience from the North Sea. 

Bye, Andreas

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