IFE researchers making an impact at EUPVSEC 2021

Publisert: 22. September 2021

Illustration: EUPVSEC2021

The topics covered by the IFE presenters included Building-Integrated PV, floating PV, performance, degradation operations and maintenance of PV power plants, advanced thermo-mechanical modeling, as well as sector coupling in road transport supported by PV.

At IFE we are especially proud to be able to join forces between our departments in the mission to do research in solar power and development, and to share our findings and results to the wider community. PV power is on the verge of becoming the most important power source in the world. IFE will continue to resolve challenges, collaborate and innovate in order to accelerate the green shift.

A list of the presentations and the presenters is given below:

Oral presentations:

  • Estimation of Snow Loss for Photovoltaic Plants in Norway, M.B. Øgaard
  • From Infrared Thermography to String-Level Performance – Correlating Thermal Signatures with Production Data, B.L. Aarseth
  • Hybrid PV-Systems for Electrification and Sector Coupling of Road Transport Sector in Norway, J. Fagerström
  • Evaluating and Finding Optimal Data Filters for PLR Estimation with Bayesian Optimization, G. Otnes
  • Thermomechanical Fatigue of Solder Joint and Interconnect Ribbon: Impact of Low Lamination Temperature, D. Lindholm
  • Enabling Climate Specific Modelling of Thermomechanical Fatigue in PV Module Interconnects by Help of Machine Learning Techniques, G. Otnes
  • The Effect of Wind and Drought on an Open FPV System, J.H. Selj

Poster presentations:

  • Physical and Chemical Properties of Dust in the Pre-Aral Region of Uzbekistan and its Influence on Solar Modules, S.Zh. Karazhanov
  • Soiling and Snow Impact on a PV Plant at a Farm in Norway, H.N. Riise
  • Ionization Energy and Diffusion Profile of Hydrogen in Silicon from First-Principles Calculations, S.Zh. Karazhanov
  • Shingled Solar Module for BIPV Application, J. Zhu

More information: EUPVSEC 2021