IFE Invest sells its shares in Restrack AS to Resman AS. IFE’s efforts to transfer research and technology into robust companies succeeds again.

Publisert: 19. December 2018

Photo: Espen Solli

IFE’s tracer technology has formed the basis for the successful establishment of both Restrack AS and Resman AS. Resman AS was established in 2005 and was sold to Nordic Capital in 2015.  Through this work IFE has laid the foundations for a significant portion of the products and services within the tracer technology field and helped Norwegian industry to take a leading position in tracer services globally.

“Restrack will now join forces with Resman and become a significant Norwegian-based international player in the tracer technology field. IFE’s ambition is to continue the fruitful cooperation with Restrack/ Resman and other companies in the tracer technology field, to further strengthen the position the Norwegian tracer community. This new structure also opens up new possibilities for further cooperation with Restrack/ Resman in relevant research projects in the future”, says Nils M. Huseby, CEO of IFE.


CEO Nils Morten Huseby, tel. +47 905 44 545

Research Director Martin S. Foss, tel. +47 980 16 338