Wind Energy

IFE has had an organization unit with wind energy R&D as primary focus for over 40 years.
Offshore wind turbines has been the primary focus the last 12 years.

We do R&D for industry:

  • We have significant experience with most offshore wind turbine concepts, both bottom fixed and floating
  • We develop and/or analyze complete offshore wind turbines or their components
  • We assist engineering, enabling them do what they want themselves
  • We designs detailed realistic wind turbines for the industrial that they can use for internal R&D

Our specialty is simulations of offshore wind turbines:

  • We develop the 3DFloat software, which is a state of the art software developed from scratch for simulating complete offshore wind turbines, from blade tip to anchor
  • We do state of the art CFD that produce validated and highly realistic results


  • 3DFloat is a state of the art software developed by IFE for over 10 years for simulating complete offshore wind turbine
  • It can also be used for other structures exposed to wind and/or waves
  • We:
    • Develop it
    • Sell it to the industry
    • Provide simulation services
    • Customize it to industry project needs
    • Provide licensing and cloud computing solutions tailored to realty of engineering