Radiopharmacy and Health

Radioactive drugs are used to diagnose as well as to treat a variety of serious diseases. The radioactive substance directs the radioactivity to the organ to be examined, is distributed differently in diseased than healthy tissue and provides significant benefit in e.g. PET or CT scanning of cancer patients.

Since 2013 IFE has manufactured the radioactive drug Xofigo ® for the pharmaceutical company Bayer. Xofigo ® represents an important treatment option to patients suffering from prostate cancer with bone metastasis.

Development services and quality control

IFE also manufactures drugs that are not commercially available on the market. Based on each client’s need, we provide development services and customization of product candidates, including radioactive labelling of peptides, proteins and other relevant substances for use in research and clinical studies.

IFE has dedicated laboratories for the production, packaging and quality control of radiopharmaceuticals. The laboratories are inspected and classified according to international GMP guidelines (Good Manufacturing Practice) as well as the radiation protection legislation. From our production facilities, we undertake the distribution of the radioactive medicines to the global market.

Complete infrastructure for strong market growth

In 2017, the health industry contributed with 23,6 billion NOK (Menon Economics 2018) in export revenues for Norway. The market for radiopharmaceuticals is growing rapidly, and this growth is expected to continue in the coming years, driven by demographic factors and the improved opportunities and focus on better diagnostics and more personalized medicine.

Several multinational oncology companies are now increasing the development of new radiopharmaceuticals. Due to our experience with the development and production of Xofigo®, IFE is an established contract manufacturer of radiopharmaceuticals on a global level. IFE has the ambition to become a leading force in research, development, production and distribution of radiopharmaceuticals. We possess extensive expertise and a complete infrastructure for developing radiopharmaceutial drugs, all the way from the early concept phase to the production and commercialization. In this way, we can help ensure that patients receive their medicine in the right dose, in the right quality and at the right time.

IFE offers production opportunities at Kjeller, located nearby Oslo and Oslo Gardermoen airport. We offer production facilities, for clinical studies during the development period, as well as commercial production when the product is approved and ready to be launched to the market. We have a long-term perspective on the further development of competence, facilities and partnerships. The production facilities at Kjeller have been inspected and approved by both US, European, Chinese and a number of other foreign medicinal authorities.

Important Partnerships

We cooperate with the Cancer Research Institute at Radiumhospitalet, and use the reactor at Kjeller to produce radionuclides. These can be used to create new types of medications that can remove small tumors while saving fresh cells. This joint effort aims to provide more precise and gentle cancer treatment and increase the quality of life of the many who are affected annually by cancer. We are also an important partner in Oslo Cancer Cluster and contribute in bringing drugs into clinical trials. A clinical trial is conducted to find out how a drug works, what side effects it has, and how it is metabolized in the body. Improved treatment is crucial for saving or prolonging the life of cancer patients. With IFE’s expertise in radiopharmaceuticals and collaboration with a number of partners such as Diatec Monoclonals, Catapult Life Science, Norwegian Medical Cyclotron Center, Nordic Nanovector, Prediktor Instruments and Mektron, we aspire to develop better and more automatic production processes. We contribute with a high level of expertise, infrastructure and safe production facilities.

Other contributions to the health field

Our expertise in flow and petroleum technology can be applied in the continuous efforts to realize improved treatments and security within health institutions and treatments, with particular relevance for personalized drugs. For example, the calculations in complex piping systems for the oil industry lay the foundation for application towards the human body and the bloodstream. Increased application of our expertise and development of partnerships and improved treatment processes within the health industry is an ongoing strategic ambition.