Radiopharmaceutical R&D

IFE Radiopharmaceutical Research and Development offers services that can bring new, innovative radiopharmaceuticals from concept to clinic and onwards to commercialization.

Our interdisciplinary team has broad expertise to support the preclinical and clinical development of new product candidates. In our GMP production facility, we have qualified manufacturing facilities inspected by the FDA and European Medicines Agency. We offer a logistics chain that ensures that patients receive their medicine at the right time.

IFE Radiopharmaceutical R&D contributes to technology development and growth in the radiopharmaceutical market by, among other things, assisting research groups around the world in translating early phase research into commercially viable and investable products that improve patient treatment.

We aim to be a preferred “radiopharmaceutical” development partner. Many pharmaceutical companies have their origins in academic research, and we therefore collaborate with research groups, start-up companies and Big Pharma. We can assist academic partners as well as commercial pharma partners wherever they are in the development phase. We have expertise in radiolabelling of both small and large molecules, including monoclonal antibodies. Our biological testing methods are useful tools for assessing whether and to what extent a product candidate binds to the target and kills the cancer cells.

We have projects that focus on automation of the entire production process, from synthesis start through cleaning and dispensing of the end product. We also develop the analytical methods needed for each product.

Our research facilities in Oslo Cancer Cluster Incubator (OCCI) are located next to the Radium hospital and the Department of Cancer Research. With proximity to the clinic and research institutions, and to companies of different sizes and development stages in OCCI, we benefit from already established cooperative relationships and infrastructure.