Oil and gas

We have developed unique competence over 70 years by world-leading researchers and one-of-a-kind international projects in our reactors and laboratories. We have developed this competence through a close collaboration between researchers, technicians and engineers at IFE, in collaboration with the industry. We work with dedication to solve some of the most difficult and important challenges facing Norwegian and international businesses and industry.

In line with the United Nation’s sustainability goals we conduct research to find solutions to mitigate the climate crisis. The world needs sustainable solutions when millions of people get access to energy that they lack today. This access is vital to provide basic needs for cooking, heating and transportation. At the same time, we work with the petroleum and process industry to contribute to a more environment friendly and energy efficient production through our research and development.

We have a strong international focus with a significant amount of our income from international companies. Particularly well-known is the invention of OLGA multi-phase flow technology for oil and gas that has reduced costs and yielded hundreds of billions of Norwegian kroner in revenue to society. 

Our next steps

Our strategy is to develop technical solutions through innovative research. The key to success in the future is to create an industry that is both economically and environmentally sustainable. We will help our customers in Norway and internationally, by delivering technology that reduces costs, safeguards the environment and advances their position in the market.

Our background and extensive experience position us to transfer this knowledge to ground-breaking technology in other areas, such as CO2 capture and storage (CCS), geothermal energy, wave energy and health technology.

In the professional terminology we can say that we work a lot with aerodynamics and hydrodynamics. We conduct chemical analyses of contaminated soil and we are leading in work to prevent corrosion and rust in installations and pipes that are subject to extreme pressure and situated on great depths.

To achieve this, we will use our expertise, facilities and laboratories to deliver international leading research that provides tangible results. The results will speed up the shift in the energy sector as companies go from fossil to renewable, and the carbon footprint from oil and gas production becomes significantly reduced.


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