Workshop on Current and Emerging Methods for Optimising Safety and Efficiency in Nuclear Decommissioning

Publisert: 15. February 2017


The workshop brought together more than 100 people (operators, regulators, scientists, consultants, and contractors) from 25 countries.


Material from the workshop is available via the links below:

Workshop programme

Abstracts and presentations

Group discussions (pdf): Day 1Day 2Day 3

Day 1: Needs and Opportunities for Improving Decommissioning Practices. Day 2: Needs and Opportunities for OECD-HRP and international research into advanced technologies for decommissioning. Day 3: Needs and opportunities for international research for advancing management of decommissioning


Selected photos (pdf)

Looking forward to meet you again!

Inge Weber (OECD-NEA): Inge.Weber@oecd.org
Vladimir Michal (IAEA): V.Michal@iaea.org
István Szőke (IFE / OECD-HRP): Istvan.Szoke@ife.no