MoZEES Annual Meeting 21-23 September

Publisert: 14. September 2020

Photo: Shutterstock

The MoZEES Annual Meeting 2020 is an online event where we discuss the recent scientific, technological and industrial developments in the Center, with live talks supported by an active discussion forum with the possibility to ask questions and engage in discussions with our presenters.

Please sign up as soon as possible at: Registration MoZEES Annual Meeting 2020

The registration deadline to participate in the discussion forum is Thursday 17 September.

Detailed instructions on how to join will be sent out to all registered participants after the registration deadline. Links to join the live talks will be posted on our website.

The following topics will be covered during the meeting days:

  • Hydrogen and Fuel Cells for Transport: From hydrogen production to end use. Use cases: (1) Hydrogen in the maritime and (2) Hydrogen in heavy duty vehicles
  • Battery Value Chains: From production of materials (anodes, cathodes, electrolytes, binders) to assembly of modules.  How to establish new manufacturing capabilities.
  • Hydrogen and Battery Safety: From safe materials and components to safe and low risk systems.  System requirements?  Needs for testing and validation?  New standards?
  • Policy for Zero Emission Transport:  How can battery and hydrogen technology complement each other in the best possible way?

Confirmed keynote speakers are:

  • Lew Fulton (UC Davis): Battery electric and hydrogen vehicles – technology progress, cost reduction, and prospects in California
  • Daniel Brandell (Uppsala University): Polyesters as next-generation solid electrolytes for Li- and Na-batteries
  • Tom Smolinka (Fraunhofer ISE): TBD
  • Egbert Figgemeier (RWTH Aachen): State of the Art of Silicon in Commercial Lithium Ion Batteries Cells and Perspectives on Higher Silicon Loadings Enabled by Electrolyte Additives

More info about the MoZEES Annual Meeting, including a detailed program, can be found on the MoZEES-homepages.

Note that this is an open meeting and will be open to external participants. So you are very welcome to invite colleagues, students and other zero emission transport enthusiasts from within AND outside the MoZEES network.