Enlarged Halden Programme Group Meeting 2019 (EHPG 2019)

Publisert: 22. January 2019

Scandic Park Sandefjord

Call for Papers

Contributions from member organisations are encouraged and welcomed. They may cover results from experiments in Halden as well as results from related activities performed elsewhere.

Intended abstracts to be submitted to the Project by 1st February, 2019

The full text of these contributions should be received by the Project by 10th April, 2019.


Registration will open on January 1st, 2019. Registration deadline: April 10th, 2019.

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Technical Programme and Scope

The meeting will open with an Introductory Session containing overview presentations and invited papers given by keynote speakers. Broader aspects of some of the topics to be covered in the Technical Sessions are often covered in this opening session.

The subsequent Technical Sessions will address the work performed by the Project, as well as by member organisations. Two parallel sessions will be organised in the areas of Fuels & Materials and Man-Technology-Organisation (MTO) issues.

The items to be covered in the different sessions will include:

Fuels & Materials

• Fuel Safety and Operational Margins
• Cladding Performance and Behaviour
• Plant Ageing and Degradation
• HRP Legacy Database


• Operator Reliability
• Severe Accidents and Human Performance
• Safety of Digital Instrumentation and Control Systems
• Control Room Design and Evaluation
• Future Operational Concepts
• Plant Operation and Maintenance
• Decommissioning

Sandefjord Town – Scandic Park Sandefjord

Sandefjord town is a small town with a charming atmosphere. The town is sheltered from the ocean but strongly linked to the sea through its history – from the vikings via whaling to today’s shipping industry. Scandic Park Sandefjord is a first class hotel, popular with both business travellers and tourists, and is located near the picturesque small boat harbour in Sandefjord.

Travel Arrangements to Scandic Park Sandefjord

Please arrange your travel to destination Sandefjord Airport Torp (www.torp.no), which is 10 mins. drive from the hotel. Sandefjord can also be reached by train from Oslo Airport Gardermoen (2hrs 20 mins.),(nsb.no)